Topitex children socks – Antimicrobial bandage eczema

$ 90.00

Topitex 100% silver coated bandage accelerate the skin natural recovery and bring comfort to your afflicted skin.

Topitex 100% silver coated Bandages offer a pleasant wearing sensation. Our 100% silver coated textiles are use recommended by Dermatologists for many topical use including for multiple warts of the hand and foot, for inflamed and/or infected skin, and for eczema. In Atopic Eczema it reduce the itch-scratch cycle, alleviate itch sensations and accelerate the skin healing through an antimicrobial effect. Seam and product label are appropriatly situated outward to avoid frictions with the sensitive skin. Antimicrobial gloves for the protection of the sensitive skin of the hands, against environmental influences, pollution, washings or wounds. Suitable for the natural recovery of the skin tissu.



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